beYOUtiful vibes

After a visit to a local crystal shop I was so intrigued by not only the look, feel and vibe to the different types of gemstones but the actual meanings behind each one of them. When I started to learn more about them and their unique properties, I literally became obsessed. As a hobby, I decided to start creating beYOUtiful vibes which ultimately ended up being my saving grace. It was my very own form of meditation that I needed so badly after long stressful hours at my corporate job.

The thing I love the most is when people are drawn to a piece only to learn the meaning behind it relates to something that they are seeking or need at that given time. So I like to say let the “gemstone pick you”.

Very special bonds have been created with beYOUtiful vibes, you could call it magic or simply synchronicity. They are the perfect accessory for a positive and beYOUtiful existence!

beYOUtiful vibes offers an array of unique, one of a kind pieces hand-made with love and light.

There are several unique options to customize your beYOUtiful vibe.

Create your own by selecting a certain stone, color or gemstone property (i.e. stress reliever, confidence booster, help with loss, etc.)

Recycle old or broken jewelry… whether it’d be a meaningful pendant, something that broke or simply something you would like to “update” so you can enjoy more.

Memorial pieces with custom photo

BeYOUtiful Vibes

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beYOUtiful vibes are available by contacting Jenn at 561-302-7622 (text/phone) or via email at

Peace, love & beYOUtiful vibes!