Hello Everyone, thank you for patience awaiting me and my planes, trains, and automobile duties!  I did not post on Tuesday as it was the 11th day of September sixteen years after the dreadful attacks on American soil!  I just could not be passionate about fashion in the wake of catastrophic weather conditions that left…



Hello and thank you for joining me! I hope you find today’s topic helpful in whatever you do! When it comes to the topic of exercise and weight loss, we have to understand how the two are related to each other. Having said that I do have a post –graduate degree in Exercise Science and…


Fall Trends

Hello Everyone! I certainly hope this past weekend was a good one, I cannot believe that it was Labor Day already, which is a melancholic goodbye to summer for me. I love summer so much and I think most people do, dating back to when we were young and the possibilities so endless… In as…